Exam Headlines

“The highest results this school has ever seen.” (Mrs M Allan, Sept 2017)

We are thrilled to be able to report that Brookfield students have achieved our best ever results. In 2017, 81% of students were awarded a Grade 4+ in English and Maths (equivalent to Grade C+ in English and Maths). We are also delighted that 10% of our students achieved at least one Grade 9. Of these, 27 students gained a Grade 9 in Maths and 20 gained a Grade 9 in English. Indeed, for the third time in recent years, one third of our students achieve the very top grades (now Grades 7-9, equivalent to and exceeding the old Grades A and A*) in Maths. The new Grade 9 represents achievement that exceeds the old A*, and Brookfield’s Grade 9 results significantly exceed the national average, reflecting our aspirational culture and the absolute commitment of students and staff alike.

It is a source of enormous pride that students in 2017 left Brookfield equipped and ready to approach the next stage of their education, training or employment with confidence.  There is much to be proud of and to build upon as we begin a new school year.

English Language85%65%23%
English Lit77%60%21%
English combined8770%29%

Y10 GCSE Headlines:

13 students sat their GCSE Statistics examination this summer with 100% achieving an A* or A grade. This is a one year course offered to students who have shown particular aptitude for Mathematics and who are likely to enrol on A-level Maths courses in Y12.

These results reflect the outstanding achievement of each of the students. We send our warmest congratulations and wish them every success as they now begin their Y11 studies.