Advanced Modelling, Graphs, Charts, Storing Files and Practical Evaluation Skills

What is the task?

  • Further develop your understanding of spreadsheets
  • Be able to select the appropriate chart or graph
  • Develop practical evaluation skills

Key Words & Definitions:

  • Spreadsheet
  • Model
  • Graph
  • Chart
  • Row
  • Column
  • Cell 
  • Cell Reference
  • Evaluation
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Data
  • Research
  • Questionnaire
  • Analysis

If you need help with understanding these terms, look at the attached...

Study Skills

Produce study materials for the Year 8 end of year exam.

Practise testing and flip learning which is researching a topic before it is taught in class.

What we are looking for:

You must complete all the Theory Sections before you complete the quizzes.

You must then produce REVISION RESOURCE for each Theory Section either by hand or on the computer.

All work must be in your own words not just copied and pasted.

In total 4 Revision Resources should be handed in:

  1. Spreadsheets, Graphs & Charts
  2. Testing a Model
  3. Evaluating ICT
  4. Storing Files and Data

There are then 4 Quizzes to be completed:

  1. Advanced Graphs & Charts Quiz
  2. Advanced Modelling Quiz
  3. Spreadsheets Super Skills Quiz
  4. Practical Evaluation Skills Quiz

Your results will be sent directly to your Computer Studies teacher.

Any issues please see your class teacher for help BEFORE the deadline.

How to Complete the Task:

You will need access to the Internet

If you do not have access to the Internet speak to your Computer Studies teacher for an alternative version.

Task 1
  1. Study the Spreadsheets, Graphs and Charts Theory Section
  2. Study the Testing a Model Theory Section
  3. Create your Revision Resources
  4. Complete the Advanced Graphs & Charts Quiz
  5. Complete the Advanced Modelling Quiz
  6. Complete the Spreadsheet Super Skills Quiz

Your results will be sent directly to your teacher

Task 2
  1. Study the Evaluating ICT Theory Section
  2. Create your Revision Resource
  3. Complete the Practical Evaluation Skills Quiz

Your results will be sent directly to your teacher

Task 3
  1. Study the Storing Files and Data Theory Section
  2. Create your Revision Resources

IMPORTANT: keep all your home learning safe once returned, as you will use it to revise for your Year 8 exam.

If you are unable to access the Theory Sections and Quizzes - you MUST speak to your Computer Studies Teacher as soon as possible - DO NOT wait until the deadline.

Outstanding Home Learning may include:

Detailed Revision Resources on all the topics that can then be used by another person for Computer Studies revision.

They must be written in your own words - DO NOT copy and paste.

All tasks must be completed and you must achieve high scores in all quizzes.

Your Revision Resource must be well presented and clearly cover all the topics stated in each task.

Here is an example of a mind map to help give you ideas of how you might create your own.

Mind Maps