Dear Parents,

Please find the revision resources for your son/daughter to use in preparation for his/her Year 7 exams.

To support Year 7 with their exam preparation this year, all students will receive an introductory session on planning for revision and best revision practices in the Minerva either in their English lesson on Tuesday 8 May or Wednesday 9 May.

Building on this further all Year 7 students will be supported in their exam subjects (English Language, Maths, Science, History, Computer Studies and Drama) with how to create good revision resources, practice with these and test themselves.

Year 7 will also be provided with a Revision Booklet (handed out in the introductory Minerva session and also available to download from Student Resources) which has a revision time table planned out for the students to use, referencing the subject, topic and amount of time to revise each afternoon/evening. The sessions are 20mins each and are very flexible with regard to activities or events that are booked in across a week or weekend. The week before half term there will be no Extended Learning Assignments or home learning from English, Maths and Modern Foreign Languages.

It is important that all Year 7 students keep bringing their Revision Booklet in to school as soon as they have received it so the reflection sections on techniques and practice can be completed. The reflection will be guided by their exam teachers through the weeks leading up to the start of the exams. There will be a final opportunity to reflect on their overall exam experience in PD session shortly after the exams have finished.

Shaun Riches
Director of Learning