Friends of Brookfield School - Projects Supported

How is the money we've raised being spent?

Last year we funded 2 ipads for the dance/drama department to record their performances:

Drama Ipad 1
Drama Ipad 2
Drama Ipad 3

We also funded a permanent plaque for Mr Sukram:

Plaque for Mr Sukram
Memorial Garden Puzzle Board 1
Memorial Garden Puzzle Board 2
Memorial Garden Puzzle Board 3

To date this academic year we have donated monies to various departments to enable them to purchase items/services that they are unable to fund themselves:-

Science Department trial of an online science learning programme
PE Department new team kit for the senior netball team, rugby kit and help towards a new basketball kit
Dance/Drama Department A 360 degree camcorder
Languages Department A production company to perform a play in one of the taught languages at Brookfield
Art & Design Department Lights for a new photography dark room
Textile Department Heat press and dyes
Maths Department Provision of enabling students to take part in the Maths Fest and also the Maths Challenge