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The annual BBC School Report day went incredibly well with the highest level of initiative from our year 8 students.  Our students gathered comment from Olympian Lizzie Yarnold; the Portsmouth News Sports journalist; Wigan FC Manager, Paul Cook; the KFC press office; Southampton University’s Professor Ian Jones, from the Mathematical Physics Department; and even the White House (though their response wasn’t to the question our students had posed...!).

On top of this, our students did some great work on polling and interviewing the staff and students at Brookfield on a range of issues - a special thanks to Mr Gates, Mr Lewis, Miss Hurst, Mr Pullan and ITT Mr Smith, for agreeing to appear on camera, as well as to Mrs Smith and Mrs Cummings (our Librarians) and Mrs Allan for attending and supporting various parts of the day.

Students who took part will receive a certificate from their House Leader and finish the day much wiser about the immersive world of journalism.  They should also be very proud of the stories, videos and images they created and that are now live on our Brookfield website.

A final, special thank you to Miss Dade and Miss Rudd who prepared, organised and led this very successful day.

Sophie, Anna, Phoebe: The Legacy of Stephen Hawking
“We found the whole day exciting – especially interviewing different teachers.  It was great to have control over the news topic we investigated.  We didn’t realise there were so many rules for publishing!  Because of today, we might be interested in careers in sports journalism.”

Andrew, Jonathan: The Rise of Wigan FC
“For us, interviewing Paul Cook (the club’s manager) was a real highlight of the day and we got a lot out of it.  We’ve realised just what a difficult job journalism is, in terms of planning and crafting – as well as improvising questions and responses during interviews!”

Lauren, Sophia, Olivia: Young People & News & Politics
“We really enjoyed researching facts for our story as well as interviewing people – it was interesting to hear others’ views.  We also enjoyed having control over the topic we had to research and write about.  The day was really different and we certainly enjoyed it more than we thought we would!”

Max, Ollie, Jonty: Gun Control
“We thoroughly enjoyed the research element of the day – finding out facts and statistics for our news story.  Interviewing the teachers was also fun and rewarding.  We wonder how journalists manage their job on a day-to-day basis but we learned that the key to successful journalism is all about having the right contacts.”