Please find below a link to detailed guidance for students who believe there has been an error in their grade.
Guidance for Grade Appeals

The form that must be completed to request a Centre Review or Appeal can be found here: Centre Review or Appeal Form

The Key dates to keep in mind are as follows:

To request a Centre Review, we must receive the signed form at reception by 3 September.  We will advise you of the outcome by 7 September.

You will then have until 10 September to request an Appeal to the Exam Board.  We will then relay the outcome to you as soon as the Exam Board responds.

Autumn Exam Series

The Government have confirmed that students who receive a teacher assessed grade this summer will be eligible to take GCSE exams in the same subject in November and December 2021, to improve their grades if they wish to do so.

Exams will be in their normal format, with no adaptations made, and grades will be determined exclusively by a student’s performance these exams for all subjects, except for art and design qualifications where grades will be determined by a task set and marked by the exam board. There will be no non-examined assessment at all.

As more information is released about this Autumn exam series we will update you, including how to be entered for exams, and when and where they will take place.