GCSE and Vocational Grades

  • Grades for all qualifications at Brookfield will be decided by teachers.
  • There will not be a Government algorithm involved in calculating grades.
  • Students will only be judged on what they have been taught if the full content for a course cannot be covered in time.
  • Teachers will use a range of evidence to decide on students’ grades, including mock exams, internal assessments from the duration of the course, ongoing classwork and homework including work completed remotely, any complete or partially complete Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) work, and any work completed between now and the time that grades must be decided, which is the 18th June.
  • Exam boards will produce extra assessment material for schools to use if they wish to after Easter.  This will not be compulsory.
  • Schools must finalise grades as late as possible so that students have as much time as possible to continue learning and to complete Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) work.
  • Results day will be 12 August, and students will have the ability to appeal their grades after this date.

We know our students well, and we have excellent records of assessment results and classwork from the duration of the courses, as well as the information that mocks will provide and the additional weeks of teaching ahead of us to assess any remaining content and skills required.

Please also be reassured that the process of deciding students grades is not new to us.  Last year, with significantly less time to prepare, our teachers, learning leaders, directors of learning and senior leaders worked together to ensure students were awarded the grades they deserved.  Over 98% of our year 11 students went on to the college courses, apprenticeships, or employment they planned to.