Mock Information and Exam Timetable

November 2020

Dear Students/Parents/Carers

Please find below the schedule for the Year 11 mock exams, which will take place between Monday 25 January and Friday 5 February 2021. 

The aim of the mock exam period is primarily to help students to plan and refine their approach to preparing for exams.  On Friday 4 December students will have a Mock Preparation Lesson in which they will create their own tailored revision schedule for use at home over the coming weeks.  We would encourage parents to look at the revision schedule that their son or daughter produces to refine it further and support them with putting it into practice. 

This year, due to public health restrictions, all exams will take place in normal lesson time and normal classrooms, as shown on the schedule below.  To minimise lost curriculum time students will not be provided study leave this year.  They will attend school as normal throughout the mock exam period.

We have gathered lots of useful material on the website here:

This includes:

  • Details of the Afterschool Revision Programme that I have previously written to you about.  By way of reminder, we move to the full programme of revision next week from Monday 30th November where all subjects are offered over a fortnight.
  • Full tailored revision materials for each mock exam, for students to use at home with their own revision schedule.
  • Blank copies of the Year 11 Revision Booklet that students will use to create their own revision schedule in their Mock Preparation Lesson.
  • Revision Strategies Video – giving research backed ideas for how to approach revision most effectively.

Year 11 students will have a video assembly on Monday 30 November to introduce the mock exams, to show them the website materials, and provide all the details they need to know to be prepared for the exams.

The Government have been clear that GCSEs will take place in summer 2021.  But there is always the potential of change, and if exams are cancelled it could be that teachers will need to make a judgement about what grades students are were most likely to have achieved if the exams had gone ahead, as we did last year with the previous cohort.  So, it is very important that students prepare thoroughly for the mock exams, and do their very best, as the results of the exams may be one of the pieces of evidence used to establish Centre Assessed Grades if they are required.

We don’t want to place any undue pressure on students but with the current uncertainties we want to be upfront and make sure students are best prepared for possible changes ahead.

Please find the mock exam schedule below, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 

Yours sincerely

Mr P Pease
Deputy Headteacher

Mock Exam Schedule 2020-2021


Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5


Monday 25 January Week B



Option B



Tuesday 26 January Week B





1 hour 30 mins

Wednesday 27 January Week B



1 hour 45 mins



Thursday 28 January Week B



Option A

1 hour 30 mins

Friday 29 January Week B







Monday 1 February Week A







Tuesday 2 February Week A

Option C

English V Band
1 hour


English T Band
1 hour


Wednesday 3 February Week A



Option D



Thursday 4 February Week A

English T Band
1 hour



English V Band
1 hour



Friday 5 February Week A



Combined 1 hour 15 mins
Separate 1 hour 45 mins



  • Please note that students will need to refer to their timetable to know which subject exams they have in each of the blue option blocks (A-D) above.  Whatever is their normal lesson in each slot will the subject exam they sit.
  • Please note that some students will sit their Science exam in an English classroom, and some students will sit an English exam in a science classroom.  This is so that students can sit these exams at the same time.  This will also happen with maths and science.
  • Please note that the maths exams will finish after the normal end of the day.