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Exam Revision

Year 10 Citizenship Exam Information 2020

Your Citizenship exam will feature the units you have studied this year, along with some questions that re-cap the units you studied in Year 9 (Rights and Responsibilities, Democracy and Britishness). Please make sure you revise them all!!

Don’t forget you’ve got access to that revision booklet of mine, the relevant pages of which are in the revision folder on student resources and on the website, so PLEASE MAKE USE OF IT!!

There are also some powerpoint files there with tons of information that you could take notes from.

Your exam will take place during your normal Citizenship lessons and your teacher will tell you the exact date/time nearer the time.

In the meantime if you have any questions make sure you come and find one of us IN PLENTY OF TIME BEFORE YOUR EXAM!!

Good luck!!

Mr. Browne, Mr. Zieba, Mr. Webb and Mrs Clinton.

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