Dear Students, Parents and Carers

Year 10 Exams June 2021

I am writing with regards to the Year 10 examinations which are scheduled to take place from Monday 21st June for two weeks.

The examination weeks are designed to give students a realistic experience of the GCSE exams and help students to plan and refine their approach to revision.  On Wednesday 26th May, Year 10 will have an Exam Preparation Lesson in their normal science lesson in which they will create a simple revision schedule for use at home over the coming weeks.  We would encourage parents to look at the revision schedule that their son or daughter produces to refine it further and support them with putting it into practice. 

This year, due to public health restrictions, all exams will take place in normal lesson time and normal classrooms, with one exception for the small number of students taking Sports Studies.  All subjects taking exams are shown below. A schedule of the exams taking place can be found here.

Students of French, Spanish and German will have one additional listening exam not listed on the schedule, and one speaking exam shortly after the two-week examination period.  Individual classroom teachers will provide notice of when these exams will be, as it will differ between classes. 

Students with an entitlement to extra time or other concessions will be provided their concession in their normal classroom wherever possible.  If this is not feasible students will receive an individual timetable showing the location of exams which will be given to them on paper and available on Edulink nearer the time.

Full tailored revision materials can be accessed from the drop down list on the left hand side of this page. Please note there are a few subjects that will not have an exam during these weeks, most notably Maths, because there is already a scheduled Maths exam close to the examination period.

Students will have a video assembly this this week to provide further details of the Year 10 Examinations

We wish all our Year 10 students a productive period of revision and success in their exams. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher or subject leader.

Kind regards

Mr P Pease

Deputy Headteacher

The subjects that have exams during the year 10 examination weeks are: