Music Technology

Year 10 Music Technology Mock Exam

Music Tech - Mock Exam

Practical Exam: 1 hour 30 minutes

The paper consists of 3 tasks - configuring, editing and musical development. You will be required to follow a series of instructions using some audio/midi files that are provided. You must follow all instructions carefully to ensure they are completed in the correct way.

You will make use of the skills and knowledge that you have learnt so far through the course.

Alongside this you will be required to produce a log of evidence explaining what you have done and how you achieved it. This will also include the use of images using screenshot.

At the end of the exam, all work must be saved to your memory stick. The written document must be a PDF and the logic work must be as an MP3.

You should make sure you are clear on the editing and technical processes that you have been taught in the practical work to date, including how to set up and configure a new file. You will also need to export your work as an MP3 file. Make sure you are clear on how to use:

  • EQ
  • Reverb
  • Automation
  • Silencing

Use the downloadable files on the website to help you prepare further for this exam.