Year 10 Statistics – 2 Year Course

Year 10 Statistics Exam Revision List

You will be sitting 2 Foundation Papers for your year 10 exam. They are both worth 80 marks each and are equally weighted. They are both 1 hr 30 mins long and you may use a calculator for both exams.

Some of these topics are on MathsWatch and I have listed the clip numbers below. Some are not as they are only on the Statistics course. I have provided a link to some resources you can use or you can use GCSE Bitesize to revise them ( along side the revision guide that is available to buy from the School shop.

Paper 1
Topic Revision Clip
Probability Scale 14
Tally & Bar Charts 15
Mean, Median, Mode, Range 62
Data Collection Sheets Bitesize
Pie Charts 128a
Types of Data Bitesize
Averages from a table 130a
Scatter Graphs 129
Composite Bar Charts Bitesize
Choropleth Maps Bitesize
Cumulative Frequency Graphs 186
Box Plots 187
Stratified Sampling 176
Interquartile range Bitesize
Two Way Tables 61
Birth Rates Bitesize
Lines of Best Fit Bitesize

Paper 2
Topic Revision Clip
Pictograms 16
Probability of events 59
Reading Tables Bitesize
Time Series & Trend Lines 153
Median from a table
Types of data Bitesize
Stem & Leaf Diagrams 128b
Making Conclusions from Averages* Bitesize
Relative Risk Bitesize
Sampling Techniques Bitesize
Population Pyramids Bitesize
Frequency Polygons 65b
Spearman’s Coefficient (Interpret) Bitesize