School Closure Work

Statistics Independent Study in case of school closure

You have been given a textbook by Miss Burrows to study from. As your exam is this academic year, it is essential that you work hard on the content below. We are pushed for time to study all the content due to the closure, so there will be no time to catch up on this work in class.

Complete the revision exercises in the book. You will find them starting on page 26, 75, 106, 142, 180, 214 and 252. Do not do revision exercise 9, as we have not studied enough yet. You will find that there are some small areas in the revision exercises that we haven’t covered yet. Please send me an email if you are not sure whether we have done the topic yet.

I will be available on my emails ( or through EduLink during working hours through the closure period. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions, and I can send you back a worked solution. It would be useful if you could send me a picture of the question, or the page reference where I can find it.