GCSE Citizenship Mock Exam Information 2018

Your course contains 8 units in total, 7 of which have been taught to you up to this point and that therefore could feature in your mock exam. These 7 units are as follows:

  • Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Justice.
  • Britishness.
  • The Economy.
  • Active Citizenship.
  • The Media.
  • Democracy.

Where as in the summer you will sit 3 different exams (as it says on your “assessment summary” sheet which is in the Student Resources folder and you have copies of), for the mock we have combined elements of all these exams into 1 paper. Therefore you need to make sure you are not only clear on these various topics but also on the different question types that could come up.

Don’t forget the drop-in sessions in F03 ever Tuesday after school and make sure you ask your teacher if you have any questions in plenty of time before the mock exam.

Good luck!! 😊

Mr. Browne, Mrs. Swan,  Mr. Lewis and Mr. Webb