GCSE Drama students in Year 11 should be in email contact with their teacher to ensure their devising coursework is complete / if any final changes need to be made. During this time please make sure you acknowledge communication and receipt of communication with your teacher.
Once All Three Logs are complete students should be revising their knowledge and understanding of:

  • Staging Formats / Positions / Job Roles of the Theatre
  • Blood Brothers
  • Things I Know to be True

This can be done best via GCSEDrama.com, where resources are available. The Password is ‘brookfield’, all lowercase, for all sections of the website.
You can also watch “Things I know to be True” and access revision material on the Digitaltheatreplus website – Log in details can be found at GCSEDrama.com.

I would suggest for revision
Week 1
Re-watch TIKTBT – create revision cards for 4 to 6 key moments – include quotes and a list of acting skills for each of these moments that the actor(s) use.
Week 2
Re-watch Blood Brothers via the Youtube link on GCSEDRAMA.com –
Pick a key moment at random – Quote the line of dialogue - write down how you would perform that line vocally and physically – Time yourself – write for only 10 minutes – now try to direct someone at home to perform using only the description you have written down – is it as detailed as it could be? what are you missing? Repeat with a new moment until you are creating paragraphs which have vivid description.

All Revision Material for Year 11 exam can be found at GCSEDrama.com

  • Section A – Revise the job role / Staging Formats & Stage positioning from the Drama Writing Mat.
  • Section B – Revise Blood Brothers Material
  • Section C – Revise Things I know to be true material

On this Website the password is brookfield.

You can also revise by re-watching TIKTBT on digital theatre plus. Go to their website www.Digitaltheatreplus.com