Year 11 Mock Exam - Music

Use all topic area books to revise (form throughout year 10 – 16 in total).
Also use the Beatles study guide.

You will be taking a sample paper from the new CGSE specification. This will be split into two sections. The first is 1 hour long and uses ‘unfamiliar music’, this is music that links to the topic area booklets. The second will be 15 minutes long and uses ‘familiar music’. In this exam this will be questions on the Beatles songs that we have studied.

Your main revision resources should be the topic area booklets that we have used in lessons since the start of the course. These contain information regarding the historical context of the style/ genre, some key instruments and a glossary of key terms related to that topic area. In addition, in some of them are links to the pieces we listened to when completing the listening exercises.

Other key areas to focus on should be be:

  1. Time signatures: Ensure you have an understanding of common time signatures that use simple and compound time.
  2. Texture Terminology: You should be aware of and have an understanding of key terms that relate to texture in Music, such as homophonic, monophonic, polyphonic etc
  3. Key Signatures: You should know all key signatures up to and including 4 sharps and 4 flats.
  4. Common Italian Terms: You need to know the key terms used to explain tempo and dynamics using Italian terms.
  5. Cadences: You should know the 4 common cadences used in music, along with having an understanding of Tierce de Picardie.

In addition to these you may also wish to look at the GCSE Bitesize website. Please make sure you look at the sections relating to AQA GCSE Music and not other exam boards.

The sections on Music Theory, Music Styles, World Music (not the Indian music section) and Traditional Music from the British Isles would be most useful to you.

For the ‘Familiar Music’ section you will need to use the study guide. You should revise from the information in the study guide along with the notes that you have made. You will NOT be able to take these into the exam. You will be required to answer questions about the use of different songs and should be aware of the different recording techniques that were being used. You will be expected to interpret the information you know about the piece and relate it to the question. For example, if you were asked how The Beatles created the psychedelic sound at the opening of the song you would be able to refer to specific instruments along with performance and recording techniques that have been used.
It will be important for you to have a strong understanding of the 3 pieces and I would advise listening regularly to all 3 using the links previously given.