Music Technology

The Music Technology course comprises of two, two hour exams.

Both exams test knowledge and learning related to the four course work areas of:

  • Unit 01 – Using a DAW
  • Unit 02 – Creating Music
  • Unit 03 – Studio Recording
  • Unit 04 – Sound Creation

The first exam is written. For this paper students will be answering questions which require either short or long answer responses. In addition there will be excerpts of music for students to listen to focused on checking their musical understanding related to different types of editing / processing / music production / ability to recognise particular software instruments sounds / identifying musical structures (e.g. verse/chorus).

The second exam will test knowledge and learning of all the above units through practical application. Here students will follow particular instructions and use both MIDI and audio samples to build, edit and create (compose musical ideas or extend musical ideas from the MIDI/audio samples) a piece of music using a DAW. Students will save their work at various stages as they move through the exam and will also be required to provide both written and ‘screen shot’ evidence to demonstrate their understanding of the aspects of the practical exam. Both practical and written evidence will be required to be saved in a designated format.

In the four unit folders are the key revision materials for both exams. These need to be used at home in the same way practice has taken place in lessons.