Dear Parent/Carer

Year 11 Exam Preparation

Further to my previous letter regarding Year 11 exam preparation, I hope your son/daughter has been able to take advantage, where applicable, of the programme of revision provided.

This week Year 11 have received their exam preparation lesson during which they have created a personalised revision plan.  A blank copy of this is available on the website here: Revision Plan.

By way of a reminder:

The second phase revision programme begins on Monday, 24 February focussing on GCSE exam revision and the schedule is included again below.  All Year 11 revision resources can be accessed via Exam Revision.

In addition to this revision programme we have a very detailed plan of support for our Year 11 students, including:

  • An Easter revision programme and a further revision programme scheduled for May half term.  You will receive a separate signup letter about this shortly.
  • A further mock exam in English in large exam venues and ongoing in-class Walking Talking Mocks in Maths.
  • A comprehensive programme of scheduled revision sessions interleaved between examinations, during the formal examination period.

Year 11 students will be involved in formal written examinations in just 10 school weeks’ time, beginning 11th May, although their individual schedules will vary depending on the combination of subjects which they take. We will publish personalised examination timetables showing the times and venues of each exam for your son/daughter next half term before the Easter break.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our best wishes to every Year 11 student as they begin to prepare for their GCSE examinations.

Yours faithfully

Mr Pease
Deputy Headteacher

Year 11 Revision programme from after Feb half Term - Monday 24 February 2020

WEEK A 2.50-3.20pm 3.25-3.55pm
A Mon Geography History
A Tue English
A Wed Health & Social Care,
Additional Maths
Graphics, Resistant Materials, Art
A Thur Project/portfolio work
2.15-2.45pm 2.50-3.20pm
A Fri Citizenship, RS iMedia

WEEK B 2.50-3.20pm 3.25-3.55pm
B Mon Maths
B Tue Science
B Wed PE, Food and Nutrition, Catering Business Studies,
Computer Science
B Thu Project Portfolio work
2.15-2.45pm 2.50-3.20pm
B Fri Languages Drama, Dance, Music Tech, Music