Year 8 Art Exam 2018


In lessons, during Exams weeks.


To draw a distorted or emotional portrait.

You will be drawing a distorted or emotional portrait in tonal pencil. An emotional portrait may be somebody smiling, crying, screaming or pulling a face. Preferably this will be of yourself. You must bring in your own picture. You will earn more marks if this is a picture you have taken yourself as this will show off your photographic skills. If you do not bring in an image you will have to use a mirror.

The drawing will be A5 in size.

This task should show what you remember and what you learnt from your first year 8 project on Portraits.

  • All features will be in proportion (will be in the right place)
  • A wide range of tone will be used
  • A high level of detail will be shown
  • The shape of the face and features will be correct
  • You will bring in an image to work from

You will have 50mins to complete this task.

  • Practice your shading skills
  • Practice drawing hair and facial features
  • Bring in an emotional picture
  • Listen to advice given in class on drawing portraits