Students in Geography will sit one 45 minute paper (worth 33 marks).  This paper will be sat in your Geography classroom and will cover three of the units studied in Year 7 and 8: Coasts (Yr 7); Tectonic Hazards (Yr 8) and Settlement and Development (Yr 8)

Specific information (e.g. facts, statistics and place specific detail) will be needed for the following case studies:

  • Sendai earthquake (Japan)
  • Impact of TNCs (Coca Cola) on India

You will be tested on one of these on the 9 mark question.  As you don’t know which your exam will be on, it is important that you are prepared to give an extended response about both of them.

You will need to be able to confidently discuss these case studies, referring to statistics and evidence where you can.  You should demonstrate a clear understanding of them and be able to write confidently and accurately if asked about a specific aspect of any of them (e.g. the primary and secondary impacts of the earthquake in Sendai).

It would be very useful to create a revision material for each case study; for example, a mind map for each which categorises the key facts and pieces of information. 

You should also make use of the revision materials you have created for your ELA activities in both Year 7 and Year 8 (for example, the flash cards on India and tectonic hazards).