The exam will cover 3 topics from across year 8: African Drumming, Jazz/Blues and Musical Notation.

You will need to be able to recall some of the key terms that have been used within these units of work.

African Drumming:

You need to be aware of:

  • the name of the main type of drum that was used during this unit
  • the term(s) used when several different rhythmic patterns are played at the same time and when we use patterns that are of different lengths at the same time
  • what call and response indicates
  • what the term improvisation means - this is also relevant to the Blues/Jazz unit Jazz/Blues:

You need to be aware of:

  • what a ‘walking bass line’ is
  • the structure of the 12 bar blues
  • the names of the 3 chords that we used when playing this piece of music
  • what a ‘triad’ is and what mean by an ‘extended’ chord
  • what the term ‘swing’ means
  • the types of instruments that are typically used in music of this style

Musical Notation:

You need to be aware of:

  • the name of the clef that we have used when learning about notation
  • where the notes are placed on the stave when using this clef
  • the symbols used for the notes that last 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, 2 and 4 beats in length
  • what adding a ‘dot’ to a note length does to the length of the note

When revising for this exam you should use the methods that work best for you. You should consider using:

  • Flash cards - good for key terms and their meanings
  • Mindmaps - good for providing an overview of a topic
  • Active recall - can be used in conjunction with other methods - but actively speaking out loud to formation for each topic area