Year 9 Art Exam 2020

Expressive Portraits Project

You will have 1.5 hours to complete your Year 9 Art exam. During your project you have looked at portraiture, through famous Artists and different media. During the exam you will be required to produce a detailed observational portrait (preferably of yourself).


In lessons, in November.


To draw a portrait.

You will be drawing portrait in tonal pencil. This will be A4 size. You must bring in your own picture. You must have taken the photo yourself OR it is YOURSELF as this makes it personal and will gain you more marks. If you do not bring in an image you will have to use a mirror. If you would like to pre-draw a grid to help you with this task you may (collect paper from your Art teacher prior to the Exam).

If you have shading pencils please bring them in with you.

To make this exam harder you can always draw a face which has an expression (see examples)


You will be assessed on your ability to draw accurately from observation, your tonal shading/colour blending and the accuracy and detail of your drawings.

  • All features will be in proportion (will be in the right place)
  • A wide range of tone will be used/colours will be used accurately and appropriately.
  • A high level of detail will be shown
  • The shape of the face and features will be correct 
  • You will bring in an image to work from

You will have 90 mins to complete this task.


For preparation for the exam you will need to practise your tonal shading and observation skills. You could make a range of drawings before the exam to practice the proportions of the face.

  • Practice your shading skills
  • Practice drawing hair and facial features
  • Bring in an emotional picture
  • Look back to your Year 8 book of you have it

Great video for basic proportions and shading portraits:

Advanced shading tips for portraits:

Basic Face Proportions (watch this sped up)

art image 1 art image 2