Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing with regards to the Year 9 examinations which are scheduled from Monday, 14th January.

I have included a copy of the schedule. The examinations will be taken in normal lesson slots, but in formal examination conditions. In most subjects there is only one examination; however, there are two papers for both English and Maths. Given the examinations are in lessons they are all under one hour in length, with the exception of art exams which will require more time during the double lesson.

The examination weeks are designed to give students a realistic experience of the GCSE examinations to help prepare for them in Year 11. I have already spoken to the students in an assembly and Mr Fenlon has explained some approaches to revision that research suggest are the most efficient and successful. The most important thing that students can do is to set up a simple timetable and then stick to it, it is more important to get started with a snappy programme than put off an expansive one!

Revision material will be uploaded to the website under exams then Year 9 and through selecting revision materials from the drop-down list. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the class teacher or subject leader in the first instance.

Kind regards

Mr S Parkes
Deputy Headteacher