Year 9 Music Exam
The students will sit an exam in two parts. The first part will be a listening exam that uses questions from a past GCSE Music paper. It will ask the students to identify instruments (and their families – brass, strings, percussion, woodwind), melodic shapes, tonality (major or minor) and other compositional and performance techniques.
The second part of the exam will be a series of questions based around the topic they have completed during the Autumn term. Students should ensure they understand the key concepts regarding Boogie Woogie and Blues that have been discussed in lessons, including the 12 bar blues sequence, notes within the blues scale and what a riff is. 
To help prepare for this it will be useful for students to look at the ‘Year 9 Exam Preparation Words’ list available below as a download. They should also listen to a range of different pieces of music to help them identify the variety of instruments used.
 Examples of listening:

  • Oboe Melody – Gabriel’s oboe
  • Plucked string (pizzicato strings) – pizzicato polka
  • Clarinet – Mozart clarinet concerto

Also use GCSE Bitesize sections on:
Music Theory - Rhythm & Metre, Texture, Notation and Melody, Harmony & Tonality
Composers - Beethoven & Mozart
Music Styles