Year 9 Exam Revision - Technology - Graphics & Resistant Materials

YEAR 9 EXAM January 2020

In order to pass the 1hr exam you must revise thoroughly at home in preparation for the exam.

Section 1 – Product Analysis (Designed to last 25 mins).

You must study the following areas of research and be able to analyse a product against them effectively.

The PDF name and page to revise from is below:

Section 2 – Specialist Knowledge (Designed to last 15 mins).

You must study the areas of specialist knowledge that are specific to either Resistant Materials or Graphics.

There is no need to revise both – Just the topic related to your subject.

Section 3 – Isometric Projection Sketching (Designed to last 20 mins).

You will be tasked with completing an Isometric Projection in both technical and freehand.
Use the quick re-cap videos that show you how to use the crating technique and use guidelines to help create an accurate isometric sketch.

The more revision you do, the easier the exam will be. The longer you put off revising, the more you will have to do each day, so start tonight. If you have any concerns please ask ASAP.