Friends of Brookfield School - Projects Supported

How is the money we've raised being spent?

The Year 10 students last year were using the new heat press equipment that FOBS kindly allowed us to purchase to benefit the students' coursework and have been experimenting with the heat dyes and different fabrics and surfaces to create some of the techniques you can see on the photos below. The students are really excited to use the new equipment and it will hugely benefit their coursework and the creative process.

Heat Press 2 Heat Press 6

Students' results using the Photography heat lamps.

Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6

Last year we funded 2 ipads for the dance/drama department to record their performances:

Drama Ipad 1 Drama Ipad 2 Drama Ipad 3

We also funded a permanent plaque for Mr Sukram:

Plaque for Mr Sukram

To date this academic year we have donated monies to various departments to enable them to purchase items/services that they are unable to fund themselves:-

Science Department trial of an online science learning programme
PE Department new team kit for the senior netball team, rugby kit and help towards a new basketball kit, £480 for equipment for a new sport Handball being started at school
Dance/Drama Department A 360 degree camcorder
Languages Department A production company to perform a play in one of the taught languages at Brookfield
Art & Design Department Lights for a new photography dark room
Textile Department Heat press and dyes
Maths Department Provision of enabling students to take part in the Maths Fest and also the Maths Challenge
Sports Day £200 for new trophies
Science Department £500 for equipment
Geography Department £500 for equipment
Improvements to the Student Reception
2 x iPads for the Drama and Dance department
Support to PHSE department by funding external speakers to discuss wellbeing and safeguarding issues
The performance of a French play to Year 7 students
New equipment for The Warhammer Club
New storage for Art GCSE work