Name Name of Business* Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry
Ria Allan Head Teacher of Brookfield School

Governor at Cornerstone School I.O.W.
Karen Bennett Nil 14.10.16
James Brown Nil 15.06.15
Paul Carroll Nil 15.06.15
Peter Collins Nil 14.10.16
Stuart Cousens Nil   06.04.17
Timothy Felton Nil 25.09.17
Jonathan Ford Nil 02.12.15
Kevin Gristock Governor @ Sarisbury Green Infants   06.04.17
Neil Haines Employed at Brookfield School Oct 2007 15.06.15
Israr Jan-Parker Employed at Solent University 06.04.17
Ann New Nil 06.04.17
Mike Patterson Nil 15.06.15
Andy Stockton Head Teacher & Governor at Sarisbury C of E Junior School 15.06.15
Martin Wright Nil 14.10.16


  • Governor elsewhere
  • Related / married to member of staff
  • Employed at school

Updated 5 November 2018