Home School Agreement

Working together for a better future’

Brookfield is a learning community that respects the entitlement of each student to be happy, successful and to achieve. An effective partnership built between the home and the school helps us to fulfil this goal.

School aims:

  • To strive for the highest standards in all that we do
  • To recognise and reward achievement, commitment and success
  • To provide access for all to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
  • To value and respect each other as individuals
  • To encourage all to be responsible members of the community

Rights, Respect and Responsibility

We believe that a successful partnership between school and home must be built on the principles of Rights, Respect and Responsibility; students have the right to learn and should respect the rights of others to learn; teachers have the right to teach effectively and to be respected; parents have the right to be involved in their child’s learning and to be informed of the progress their child makes. All members of the school community should take responsibility for learning and should support each other in ensuring that all students achieve their potential.

As a student, I:

  • Have the right to learn and achieve as highly as possible in an environment that is safe and supportive of my needs
  • Must take responsibility for my learning, working to the best of my ability at all times
  • Have the responsibility to follow the school’s agreed rules and classroom routines
  • Have the responsibility to represent the school to the best of my ability, not bringing it or myself into disrepute
  • Must respect other students and all members of the school community, as well as the environment in which I learn
  • Must be responsible for my equipment, ensuring I arrive at school with everything that I need
  • Must ensure I attend school regularly, on time and in full uniform
  • Must record and complete all home learning on time and to a good standard
  • Should adopt a positive attitude towards, and participate fully in, the life of the school

As a parent or carer, I:

  • Will respect and support the school’s policies and will have the right to request access to them
  • Have the right to be informed about the behaviour of my child
  • Have the responsibility to ensure that my child attends school and encourage them to behave appropriately, focusing on learning at all times
  • Have the responsibility to ensure that my children attends school with all the required equipment and that he or she is ready to learn
  • Have the responsibility to ensure my child attends school in the correct uniform
  • Must ensure that my child has all the necessary equipment and kit needed
  • Will take an interest in my child’s education by encouraging them to complete home learning and providing other opportunities for learning
  • Will be responsible for keeping the school informed about any problems which may affect my child’s learning
  • Will take responsibility to attend parents meetings where possible
  • Will read all correspondence from the school and respond quickly when necessary
  • Will encourage my child to have a positive attitude to school
  • Will encourage my child to do their best

Governors of the school have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure all members of the school community embrace the notion of Rights, Respect and Responsibility
  • Seek financial efficiency and value for money
  • Draw up and publish a full set of school policies, monitoring their implementation
  • Consult with and report to parents/carers, respecting and responding to their views
  • Ensure compliance with statutory obligations including health and safety regulations
  • Monitor and review all aspects of the schools work
  • Promote the achievement and welfare of all students in an environment that is safe and supports their needs
  • Ensure that the attitude to learning and progress made by each child is reported to his or her parents
  • Ensure that staff have the right to fulfil their role within the school community and are given every opportunity to teach effectively