Our Library Resource Centre gives all students access to a wide variety of books, from the latest popular fiction to exciting reference books, which are selected to support the curriculum as well as students personal interests.

Promoting the fun of books and the benefits that can be obtained from reading, in this technological age, is the responsibility of us all.

An Oxford study has found that reading books is the only out of school activity for 16 year olds that is linked to improving job prospects.

Students contribute to the LRC by recommending their favorites reads and requesting new books, these are ordered for them and others to enjoy. We ask that parents also do what they can to encourage students’ use of the LRC.

    LRC Opening Times:

  • Monday to Thursday - 8am until 3.45pm
  • Friday - 8am – 3.15pm

Our library buys many books and obviously library staff are unable to read them all, but try their best to put 14-19 on books when it looks appropriate or they have read it and think it requires it. Our library staff will continue to advise students on their choice depending upon each young person’s interests and his/her reading ability.

We hope you will support this policy. If, however, you would prefer your son or daughter not to borrow books from the 14 - 19 range, please email our LRC manager at and we will happily respect your request by putting a restriction message on their account until year 9.

Books are borrowed for two weeks at a time. LRC staff will send out reminders to students and parents/guardians for overdue books. It is important books are returned on time as other students request them and there is a cost to the school, obviously, for replacements.

Tutors and House Leaders also receive reminders during this time. We ask that parents encourage students to bring back their books or renew them on time for the benefit of all library users.

The library uses a biometric fingerprint recognition scanner which creates a mathematical template, so that no image of a fingerprint is ever stored.