Medical Room

At Brookfield Community School we have a dedicated Medical Room staffed during school hours by two qualified first aiders.

Managing Medical Conditions

Students with extra medical needs at school may require a Medical Care Plan. This ensures we are able to meet the medical needs of individual students and to take appropriate action should an emergency occur. Please contact us by email or telephone if you wish to talk to us regarding your son's or daughter’s medical conditions. Conditions which might require a care plan include Allergies, Diabetes, Asthma, and Epilepsy. This list is not exhaustive, so if you are unsure or have any concerns please contact us to discuss. Care plans are developed in collaboration with parents, carers, health care professionals, school nursing service and appropriate school staff such as the SENCO.


It is School policy to only administer prescribed medicines (e.g. antibiotics) if it is essential that they are given during the school day, with the exception of Paracetamol for occasional use only, providing we have parental permission.

Prescribed Medication

If your child requires prescription medication during the day they should bring it to the medical room, with an accompanying note. A separate consent form will also need to be completed (download Prescribed Medicines Consent Form here...) - this can also be requested by contacting the admissions team by email (if it’s for a new student), the medical room or from reception.

Prescribed medication kept in the medical room must be in the original container as dispensed from the chemist, clearly labelled with the name of the student, the name and dose of the medicine, the expiry date and the frequency of administration.

Please collect all medication at the end of the school day if required, or once they are no longer required. It is a parental responsibility to ensure that all medicines are in date. Please collect all medicines at the end of the school year, any not collected which have expired will be disposed of.

Non – Prescribed Medication

The medical room has a supply of Paracetamol. When completing your child’s online registration form for Brookfield you will be asked to give permission for us to administer Paracetamol to your child in the medical room when we feel necessary. This is the only un-prescribed medication we will give in school and only with parental permission.


Students are not allowed to carry medication around the school site with them, with the exception of emergency medication such as Epipens and Inhalers. For these students we ask parents/carers to provide the medical room with a spare inhaler or Epipen for use in an emergency. It is a parental responsibility to ensure these are kept in date.

Becoming Unwell at School

If your child becomes unwell in class the teacher must write them a note to take with them to the House Leader Office. The Pastoral Officers will then grant them permission to attend the medical room. This ensures that the school is aware of your child’s whereabouts at all times. In an emergency situation or if the student is not considered to be well enough to go the medical room, a member of the medical team or another first aider will be called to attend in person, to assess the needs of the students and take appropriate action.

Students are not allowed to go home unaccompanied if feeling unwell. If due to medical reasons the school decides a student should go home, a parent, guardian or nominated carer must collect them from the school reception and sign them out.

It is parental responsibility to collect an unwell student promptly if they are deemed unfit to remain in school.

It is also important that the school is informed of ALL changes to telephone numbers as soon as possible, or ANY other changes in circumstances.

Drop-in Centre

A confidential advice service is available at the Drop-in Centre each Friday after school in the Medical Room. This is run by Mrs C. Barrow (Matron), and Mrs N. Cole (School Counsellor).

A Contraception & Sexual Health Outreach Nurse, can also be seen by appointment only, on a Friday after school. Bookings can be made at break-times in the Medical Room.