Brookfield Newsround School Report

Brookfield Newsround 11

"The annual Brookfield School Report day went incredibly well with the highest level of initiative from our year 8 students. Students were incredibly well prepared and planned beforehand and during the initial part of the day. Before interviewing and filming a number of students and teachers on their chosen topics.  Time management skills were tested as groups had to then prepare their article ready for uploading to the Brookfield website.

All students who took part finished the day much wiser about the competitive, interesting and immersive world of journalism. They should also be very proud of the stories, videos and images they created and that will be posted onto our Brookfield website very shortly.

A final, special thank you to Miss Fowler and Miss Andrews who prepared, organised and led this very successful day."

Mr Chance

Teacher Comment: - Miss Fowler: "Students were extremely enthusiastic and pro-active throughout the day. I was pleasantly surprised at the high levels of efficiency that the students presented; they worked brilliantly as a team and remained focused on the end goal always."

Katie/Annabel: "We both really enjoyed the write-up because it helped improve my literacy skills.  Also, we liked learning how to edit moving image which could be really useful for the future."

Aliyah/Rosie/Lucy: "We have found it fun and enjoyable because we got to choose our groups and were able to be independent with our own learning.  We also enjoyed being off timetable!"

Frank/Sanjay/Harvey: "We enjoyed the independence too and the teamwork involved.  The challenge for us was recording/filming and making sure that was done professionally!  The interviewing around the school was also a great part of the day and helped our time management."

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