The Core Curriculum

This is the compulsory part of the curriculum and includes the subjects which all students will take.

The Non-examined Core Curriculum

You will also study PE and ‘Beliefs, Values and Life’ (which includes elements of RE, Citizenship and PSE) as part of your core curriculum, but these subjects will not lead to qualifications unless you also select them among your option choices.  However, they will help to ensure that you grow up to be a healthy and responsible 21st century citizen.

The Extended Core Curriculum

This section of the curriculum includes subjects which almost all students will take, although there are some limited choices to be made.

Everyone will continue to take Science, although you will need to discuss with your Science Teachers whether it will be more appropriate for you to take a course which leads to 3 GCSE qualifications or to 2 GCSE qualifications. Please look carefully at the Science pages for more information about this.

You will also need to decide whether you wish to continue to study a foreign language (French, German or Spanish) to GCSE or to take either Geography or History. If you wish to take more than one of these subjects you may do so as some of them will also be available in the optional curriculum.