Introduction to the Year 10 and Year 11 Curriculum

As Year 9 students, you have now reached a very important stage in your education.

Together with your parents, you will be involved in making some important decisions over the next few months. To help you make the right decisions, you will have received information, advice and guidance in your PSE lessons and you will have the opportunity to talk to your tutors and subject teachers. You need to consider carefully all of the information you will gather to help you make the appropriate choices.

At Brookfield, we aim to provide a curriculum which best serves your individual needs, interests and aptitudes in order to ensure that you can achieve the highest standards possible in all aspects of your work. We do our best to enable you to become confident individuals and responsible citizens who will be able to thrive in an ever-changing world.

In particular, we are keen to ensure that by the time you leave Brookfield you will have achieved the qualifications you will need to move on to your preferred courses at college, and possibly university after that, and eventually into a rewarding career.

There have recently been a number of important changes to the curriculum and examination framework in which all schools and their students have to work.  These are reflected in the structure of the curriculum and in the advice and guidance which you will receive.

The curriculum you will study is divided into a number of sections:

  • The core curriculum includes the most important subjects which every student must study and aim to achieve the best possible results.  The qualifications you gain will be vital to your future, whatever type of career you wish to follow (32% of your time).
  • The non-examined core curriculum includes other important subjects which all students take, but which do not lead to a qualification (8% of your time).
  • The extended core curriculum includes subjects which almost all students will take, although there may be some decisions to make within these subjects (30% of your time).

The optional curriculum includes a wide range of academic and vocational subjects from which you can choose, although it is important to take note of the advice and guidance you will receive from teachers and careers advisors.