Year 9 Options - Letter with Key Dates

January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers and Students

Year 9 Options Process

The time has come to consider which Key Stage 4 courses are most appropriate for your child as they move into Year 10. This is an important time and we wish to ensure that you and your child are as informed as possible.

This year we have had to move to an entirely remote process, and I would like to point you in the direction of our new Year 9 Options webpage. We have put together all the information that you and your child may want to know about the Options process and the many qualifications we offer. Here you will find the Options Booklet, a one-page summary of the Options process, along with an introductory video from me, and videos from all the Learning Leaders about each qualification.

The videos aim to give you a taste of what each course entails, including the way it is assessed, the topics that will be covered, as well as examples of student work and answers to frequently asked questions.

Here is the link to the videos:

Our Year 9 students will have a virtual assembly about their Options this week, to begin the process. You and your child will have the opportunity to speak to current teachers in the upcoming virtual Subject Evening on Thursday 11th February, before final Options are chosen in the following two weeks. More details regarding the Subject Evening will be sent out shortly.

Please note that we had planned to release the videos as part of a Virtual Options Evening next Monday, but on reflection we have decided to make all the information available now, as students may be coming home after their Options assembly this week wanting to talk about Options. In light of this, please disregard the mention of the Virtual Options Evening next Monday in the Options booklet.

We hope that you find the information useful. You are invited at the end of each subject video to contact the Learning Leader directly if you have any specific questions about the qualification, or me if you have questions about the Options process.

Yours faithfully

Mr P Pease
Deputy Headteacher