Option Pools

Students should select one first choice subject and one reserve from each of the option pools (A, B and C) and from the Extended Core Curriculum Pool.

Extended Core Option Pool A Option Pool B Option Pool C
French Geography Geography Geography GCSE Courses
German History History History
Spanish Art (Fine) French Spanish
Geography Business Studies Art (Fine) Art (Photography)
History Citizenship Art (Photography) Art (Textiles)
Drama Business Studies Citizenship
D&T (Graphics) Citizenship Drama
D&T (Resistant Materials) Computer Science D&T (Graphics)
Food Prep & Nutrition Dance D&T (Resistant Materials)
Statistics/ Additional Maths Drama Music
Hospitality and Catering
PE Religious Studies
Music Technology
Business Enterprise
Business Enterprise
Vocational Courses
Health and Social Care
Hospitality and Catering
Health and Social Care

Options should be submitted by logging in to Insight and clicking on the options button.  You should use your usual school username and password to log in.  When you have selected your option subjects, you should ask your parent or carer to log in and confirm your option selections.  Your choices will only be submitted to school when both of these stages have been completed.