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Barton Peveril College Student Portal

The Student Portal hosts Google Classrooms for each of the subjects offered at Barton Peveril and consists of further resources, information and activities. Students have been assigned to Google Classrooms for the subjects that they selected on their applications, however they can explore any of our subjects’ Classrooms to find our more information and make an informed decision on their programme of study. Each subject classroom will be updated every Monday during term time.

Those who are new to Google Classroom can watch this video from Rachel Sansom, Barton's Director of Teacher Training and Development, to better understand how the platform works. 

Alongside Google Classrooms, the Student Portal also contains useful guides for the Google platforms that Barton Peveril students use on a daily basis, as well as a link to our Offer Holders Facebook group and other news and information. Please note that if a student does not choose to enrol at Barton Peveril in August, their account will be deactivated. 

Please see below for useful links for Year 11 students:

- Students can find a helpful guide to activating their Barton Peveril account here.

- Students can find a link to the Student Portal here.