School Prospectus

An innovative and forward thinking school  of nearly 1800 students, Brookfield has the  resources and breadth of opportunity of a large school, combined with the warmth and  friendly atmosphere of a much smaller one.

At Brookfield, we offer our students the strong foundations of

challenge and support that achievements are built on.

We aim to:

  • inspire dreams and aspiration
  • instil self-belief and personal resilience
  • nurture a ‘can do’ culture, where students and staff alike  can achieve more than they might have thought possible

Brookfield is a school at which young people enjoy their learning,  where there is a strong sense of belonging and where every  student is valued, where we actively seek out and nurture every  child’s talents and help them to develop the personal qualities and  inner strengths required in a demanding and ever-changing world.

Happiness, success and personal fulfilment, to be the best that they  can be: these are the things that we all want for our children and  these are the things that are at the heart of Brookfield. This is a  school where we help our students every single day to aspire, act  and achieve.

Welcome to our school.