Year 10 Set Work - Live Links

Resources for the Live Lessons can be found in the individual Subject areas on the website. Live Lessons are on Microsoft Teams. To access the Live Lessons, please click on the Live Link that you will find in your Year Group 'set work' area (follow the hyperlinks above). 

If you miss a Live Lesson, click on the Live Link for the lesson that you missed to access the recording.

Year 10 Live Lesson Schedule

Option A
Friday 26th June 10am
Friday 10th July 10am

Option B
Friday 26th June 1pm
Friday 10th July 1pm

Option C
Friday 3rd July 10am
Friday 17th July 10am

Option D
Friday 3rd July 1pm
Friday 17th July 1pm

The option group a student is in can be found on the student timetable, class code in Teams or in Edulink.