Student Leadership

We have a variety of different Student Leadership roles here at Brookfield, these include our Student Supporters, House and School Prefects, Student House Leaders and Senior Student Leaders. These are individuals who have been selected to represent the student body and those who have demonstrated a positive approach to all aspects of school life. The student leaders work on various projects throughout the year, creating initiatives and opportunities for all years.

The Student Leadership Team working in collaboration with staff during break and lunch times to ensure we maintain a positive school environment at these times. Student leaders work with staff members to challenge any possible inappropriate behaviours by their peers whilst helping to ensure that all years enjoy their break times.

The Student Supporter team run a student drop in clinic for students every break and lunch time. The aim of the drop in service is to enable students to share and communicate any concerns they may have with a trained student leader who will be able to offer advice and support. We know that in the first instance speaking with an older student rather than a member of staff can be less intimating for the younger years and we recognise the positive impact peer to peer support can have.

To assist the team with their duty role our student leaders are empowered to issue referral slips. There are two types, behaviour referral slips and positive referral slips. Should a fellow student not follow the reasonable request of a student leader, they will refer the student to their supporting duty staff member. Where necessary a conduct point maybe added to a student’s profile as per the schools behaviour policy; refusal to comply with request. Student leaders are also able to issue positive referral slips. These are given when younger students go above and beyond during a break / lunch time. These slips are recorded on our system and a Social +Point is awarded to the individual. Our referral slips empower our Student Leaders enabling them to send a clear message to the student body that they support the wellbeing of others and that they value the positive contributions of their peers.