We are committed to ensuring our students wellbeing, enabling them to feel safe, be resilient and understand how to access help when they need support.

We believe that our partnership with parents and carers is vital in achieving this. We encourage parents and carers to talk, in the first instance to their child's House Leader, who can signpost parents to the most appropriate in-school or external source of support.

School staff will encourage parents and students to access the range of specialist services that are available in our local area.

Nationally there are a number of organisations offering support and guidance. We have found that the following offer the most comprehensive range of resources to support parents/carers of young people who may be experiencing difficulties:

Access to the Young Minds and Family Action helplines are available during office hours or via the online contact form at any time.

In the Fareham/Gosport area our specialist mental health support is provided by CAMHS.

In addition to CAMHS, staff at Brookfield have also established links with local specialist agencies who may also be able to offer appropriate support and guidance to young people and their parent/carer:

Other sources of help and guidance:

Counselling Services Useful websites: