COMPULSORY for all students:

Plain white polo shirt (having the school logo on is optional)
Plain navy or black shorts
Short white or long navy socks
Trainers (fashion plimsolls are not permitted in PE and PE shoes must be different to the shoes worn to school)
Hair tie (if hair is long)
Students who are unable to participate in PE must still wear PE kit for lessons, unless changing isn’t possible or will aggravate the injury further.

OPTIONAL for all students:

Black or navy plain jumper/sweatshirt
Tracksuit, jogging bottoms or leggings (predominantly black or navy)
Football boots (for use on the field for football and rugby)
School jumpers, hoodies and school jackets are not permitted in PE

RECOMMENDED for all students:

Shin pads
Gum shield

KEY POINTS for all students:

For security every item of PE kit MUST be named.
Valuables are the responsibility of each individual and security cannot be guaranteed.
The Hampshire document regarding safety in PE states that “during PE lessons
(i) Studs must be covered by plasters or removed (ii) Long hair must be tied back”.
The Hampshire document also strongly recommends the wearing of mouth guards/gum-shields for Rugby and Hockey lessons. These can be purchased from reputable sports shops or made by dentists.

School Uniform

The normal school uniform can be found here...

Where to buy your uniform

All items of uniform are available from;

Skoolkit in Fareham or on-line at

My Clothing Limited (formerly Tesco). Further details can be found by following this link and entering 'Brookfield' in the Search area where you can choose your House colour: and MyClothing Parent Leaflet April

Students who wear items which are not part of the uniform will have them confiscated by a House Leader or Pastoral Support Officer. Parents will then be asked to collect the item(s) from School.

It is expected that students will wear their uniform correctly. Parents are asked to support the school in maintaining high standards of personal appearance

Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name.